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The safety and well-being of your horses while being transported, is of utmost importance. With this in mind, Crisbox horseboxes were specifically designed to be horse- and user-friendly.

This revolution in the manufacture of these trailers, is achieved by a unique moulding process. The excellent designand innovative technology used in the Crisbox range, is the result of long and dedicated design. The polyethelene shell is UV-stabilised and has superior strength and flexibility. It is light-weight, easy to clean and never needs polishing. Unlike with conventional trailers, stone and scratch marks are not easily visible and even light collisions won’t harm the body.

The Crisbox boasts an impressively strong A-frame, hot-dipped galvanised chassis, fitted with German engineered Al-ko trailco independent suspension. Braking is mechanical (overrun brakes) on all four wheels and a vacuum booster is supplied for additional vacuum-assisted braking. The sturdy shell frames and steel parts are all hot-dipped galvanized, while non-slip rubberising insulates the galvanised floor and ramp. The ramp also has additional rubber strips to prevent slipping when offloading.

Another advantage of the Crisbox is the low centre of gravity and low ramp angle which means that loading and off-loading is so much easier. There is also the option of a front ramp (a standard feature on the fourberth  horseboxes) for those horses that have difficulty in off-loading backwards. It features, as standard equipment, a spare-wheel, reflective tape, air-vents, windows, interior light, head dividers and a tack box for those models that are not front off-loading.

Some of the accessories include a roofrack and ladder, a water tank and holder, a gazebo, a groom warning light, paddocks (steel or electric or a combination of both for stallions), a spare-wheel cover, a centre kickboard and lock nuts for the wheels. As the needs of all horses and horse owners/trainers are different, there are various two-, three- and four-berth models to choose from, with a variety of interchangeable optional extras.

So, whether you require a cost-effective two-berth or prefer to have your horsebox equipped with a saddle box, extended breast bars for your large horse or even extra padding, Crisbox has the right horsebox for you.